Where Can You Install One?

A central vacuum system can be installed in most homes of any age, including bungalows, town houses, cottages or apartments.

An integral garage provides a good power unit location with a convenient ducting run. Alternatively, a vacuum power unit located under the stairs provides an easily accessible inlet on the outside of the stair cupboard, with a second inlet mounted on the top stair.

If you are having difficulty finding a suitable location for your power unit or establishing a ducting route, we are happy to help. We offer a free site survey and consultation service. If this is of interest, please get in touch.

Installing a central vacuum system in a home that’s being built

It is easy to install a central vacuum system in a property during the building process. The ducting route and inlet locations are easy to identify. You also have a greater choice of locations for the ducting, including in the insulation layer below the screed and in the floor and wall voids.

We provide a comprehensive design, quotation and consultation service to assist you. Please send your plans in PDF or CAD format to plans@centralvacsolutions.co.uk.

Installing a central vacuum system in an existing home

A central vacuum system is surprisingly easy to retrofit regardless of the age of your home and rarely involves major disruption. Equally unlikely is a home where the ducting cannot be concealed.