AO-2225 – Stainless Steel Vac-Pan Inlet Kit

£97.20 Inc. Vat

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Includes: Vacpan cover, 2 x 1.6m white PVC Pipe (IC291),1 x 90Ø Sharp Elbow (IC2500), 1 x 45Ø Tee-Y (IC260), 2 x 90Ø Swept Elbow (IC250), 2 x 45Ø Elbow (IC240), 1 x 45Ø Elbow with Extension (IC241), 1 x Pipe Straight Coupling (IC280), 2 x Pipe Clips (IC2900), 4 x Cable Ties (IC150), 2 x Jubilee clips (IC73), 50cm Black Flexi Hose


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