AO-2222 – Black Vac-Pan Inlet Kit

£75.60 Inc. Vat

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Central Vacuum vac-pan inlet kit.  A vac pan is usually mounted in the plinth of the kitchen unit.  Instead of getting the hose out, you sweep the bread crumbs, other cooking mishaps into the vacpan inlet.  It has a flap which you kick open to activate the system.

Includes: Vacpan cover, 2 x 1.6m white PVC Pipe (IC291),1 x 90Ø Sharp Elbow (IC2500), 1 x 45Ø Tee-Y (IC260), 2 x 90Ø Swept Elbow (IC250), 2 x 45Ø Elbow (IC240), 1 x 45Ø Elbow with Extension (IC241), 1 x Pipe Straight Coupling (IC280), 2 x Pipe Clips (IC2900), 4 x Cable Ties (IC150), 2 x Jubilee clips (IC73), 50cm Black Flexi Hose


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