The standard hose (HO-20 & HO-30) will activate the system when you plug into the inlet and switch it off when unplugged.

The remote control hoses (HO-06RC & HO-11RC) have a ‘two-position’ switch which allows you to turn your Central Vacuum on or off from the hand-set. This can be useful if you want to move furniture or the door bell or phone rings while you are doing the cleaning and eliminates the need to unplug the hose. The switch is recessed to protect it from damage, and the unique “over-grip” handle is designed to help keep the hose weight down and relieve stress on your wrist. Any length of vacuum hose can be supplied, please ask for details.

A hose or hose and attachment set with PA after the part number (E.G. HO-06PA, 7.5m on/off hose with power adjusting facility) will allow you to adjust the suction power at the handset and will work with the TS & TPA range. This should be your primary or only hose when you have an Aertecnica TS & TPA power unit.

A hose with VIP after the part number (E.G. HO-06VIP, 7.7m on/off hose with power adjusting and intelligent performance monitoring system) only works with, and must always be specified when purchasing a VARIOVAC P240VIP power unit to enable you to use all the available features. This hose will allow you to change the suction performance as well as telling the user when the filter, dirt bucket or motor needs attention.