IK-251 – Starter 2 Inlet Kit (Inlets not supplied)

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The Starter 2 inlet kit (inlet not supplied) is designed with sufficient ducting to install two inlets (plug in points).  We recommend that the inlets (plug in points) are placed in convenient locations (not behind doors, in the corner of rooms or behind furniture) to allow as much floor space to be covered as is possible.

The starter 2 inlet kit Includes:  1 x IC230 Solvent, 2 x IC180 Universal Stud Mounting Bracket, 2 x IC2500 90° Sharp Elbow, 1 x  IC260 45°  ‘Tee-Y’ Coupling, 10 x IC250 90° Swept Elbow, 4 x IC240 45° Elbow,  2 x IC241 45° Elbow with extension, 8 x IC280  Straight Coupling, 4 x IC2900 Pipe Clips, 10 x IC150 Cable Ties, 18 x IC291 PVC Pipe 1 mtr, 25mtr x IC70 Low Voltage Wire.





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