HO-30 – 9m Crushproof Central Vacuum Hose

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9m Crushproof Central Vacuum Hose, is supplied with Metal Handle HE61 Bent Chrome End and hose end.

The hose is compatible will all brands of central vacuums provided you plug in points look like FPEU-41 Square White Euro Style Inlet Valve or FP-01 White Plastic Inlet.

The hose end activates the power unit when it is plugged into the inlet and switches the unit off when you pull the hose out of the inlet. It does not have a on/off switch on the handle.

It can be used with any power unit but will not allow you to have power adjustment or use any of the additional features that your system may have.

Manufactured under stringently controlled conditions, ELFLEX hoses are ideal for light & medium-duty applications, offering the user a lightweight, all-plastic highly flexible product without compromising the integral strength, crush resistance or durability of the hose

Main Product Features and Benefits

  • Flexible and comfortable for a daily use
  • Single profile offers the utter most flexibility required in domestic floor care
  • A proven performer featuring superior flexibility
  • Smooth interior that assures maximum flow, all in a though, single-strand construction.
  • Crush resistant for wet and dry vacuum applications
  • Plastiflex’s ELFLEX hoses incorporate design characteristics perfectly suited to the end user.
  • 35mm hose diameter – hose end 32mm diameter


ELFLEX is our most popular hose for domestic vacuum cleaner. Its profile design offers a very good flexibility that make ELFLEX an highly versatile solutions for most demanding wet and dry applications.


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