CVS 3-2 Three-Phase Two User Vacuum in a Frame

£4,059.71 Inc. Vat

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CVS 3-2 Three-Phase Vacuum two user vacuum in a frame is specifically manufactured for the car-wash industry who need motors that can run all day and supply awesome suction power.  If constant use and reliability are your requirements for vacuuming, this machine will meet your needs.  It has been designed for two users to vacuum at the same time.

What do you get:

A Frame
1 x 3.45kW Induction Motor (no brushes that wear down)
40L Dirt-capacity Separator (it can hold up to 40ltrs of dirt)
1 x Control Box with an inverter ( you can adjust the amount of suction power)
100mm x 300mm Metal Exhaust Muffler
1 x spare Polyester Washable Filter
2 x Ball Valve,
6 x 1.2mtr lengts of rigid ducting
4 x 45 degree bends
4 x 45TY bends
2 x 90 sharp bends
2 x Hose
2 x hose racks
2 x car wash attachments