Central Vacuum Service and Support

A central vacuum does not require regular servicing, however occasional maintenance prolongs the life of your system. Basic maintenance is described in your accompanying operating and maintenance manual.

Due to the reliability of our central vacuum systems, and despite being in the business for over 25-years we have never found it necessary to employ a full time nationwide service engineer. Maintenance or fault finding is usually easy and can be undertaken by yourself or any competent DIY’er using the instructions we provide.

Our Service and Support Options:

  • A call out service –  up to 2 hours of labour and does not include replacement parts
  • Self diagnosis using the relevant do**censored**ent from our download section.

If your central vacuum is not picking up as well as it usually does, this will be due to one of two reasons: a blockage or a leak in the system.  A blockage is usually as a result of debris building up behind a long object lodged in the pipe work which has been sucked up whilst vacuuming.  All the attachments have been designed with a sharp 90 swivel neck and small suction aperture, this prevents long objects from going into the system.  If an object gets past the first neck or aperture, it usually ends up in the sharp 90 coupling just behind the inlet.  Most blockages are caused when the vacuum is used without an attachment. To unblock the system we use your central vacuum to reverse the suction.  A leak in the system can be due to an inlet not closing properly or a vacpan (the kick plinth in the kitchen).  Most customers who have worked through the trouble shooting for poor suction have been successful without the need for a central vacuum service call out.

As well as being the UK’s sole distributor for the Aertecnica and Duovac Central Vacuum Systems, we also service and support other central vacuums.

Our expertise and experience means we have built up an enviable reputation for a reliable service.

For **censored**istance, get in touch.  Please supply us the make and model of the central vacuum, a brief details of the problem, your location and contact telephone number.