Domestic Central Vacuum Systems

Four reasons to choose a central vacuum system

A central vacuum system can be easily installed into most old or new properties and costs less than you might think.

The central vacuum system consists of three items:

  • power unit with a hose and attachments
  • concealed 50mm ducting
  • wall- or floor-mounted plug-in points.

The power unit and dirt receptacle is usually housed in an integral garage or ba**censored**t or in a convenient cupboard. This is connected to wall-mounted plug-in points via concealed 50mm ducting. Simply plug a lightweight hose into the inlet plug-in point to activate industrial strength cleaning power. The system is virtually maintenance free because it either has a self-cleaning or easily washable filter and no bags (at your choice) or belts that need replacing.  Empty the dirt receptacle two or three times a year.

Built to last a lifetime, a central vacuum system will be the last vacuum you ever buy.

Four reasons to choose a central vacuum system

Do you find yourself having to vacuum the same bit of dirt over and over again until it’s picked up?

The central vacuum system is up to five times more powerful than an ordinary vacuum cleaner. This makes it more thorough than a traditional vacuum and ensures your carpets have a deeper clean.

The result? A cleaner home.

Do you or your family suffer from allergies?

A central vacuum system is ideal if you or your family suffer from asthma or allergies or simply if you like to live in a healthy home. Unlike portable vacuums that can recirculate dust, a central vacuum system has an external exhaust that carries 100% the extracted fine dirt, dust, dust mites, pollen and other allergens out of your home, while the majority of the dirt collects in a receptacle usually located in the garage or ba**censored**t.

The result? Cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Does the drone of the vacuum drive you mad?

The vacuum power unit is located in your garage or ba**censored**t or in a conveniently located cupboard, eliminating the tiresome drone of your traditional vacuum.

The result? A quieter home.

Are you fed up with lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner or banging it into furniture or walls?

Because you simply plug a lightweight hose (and one of the many cleaning accessories) into one of the plug-in points, you don’t have to lug a heavy vacuum around. This stops the furniture and walls being damaged and eliminates that precarious balancing act while cleaning the stairs.

The result? An easier life.

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